10 Signs You’re Addicted To Driving

10 Signs You’re Addicted To Driving

As a petrolhead, driving is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your time. Find an open road, put your foot down, bliss. But how do you know if you like driving a bit too much? We’ve put together the following tell-tale signs…

1. When people ask what you do, your response goes something like this


Certainly not the most interesting way to explain what you do on a daily basis.

2. You insist on using a car when you should really just walk


Don’t be the person who would drive 100 yards down the road to pick up a pint of milk. Just don’t.

3. All of your stories start with ‘This one time, when I was driving…’


Sometimes, this might make for a fairly interesting story-opener. But trust us, if all your stories start like this, you should probably pick up a few more hobbies.

4. Jingling car keys have the same effect on you as saying ‘Walkies!’ has on a dog


Dogs love walkies. Petrolheads love driving. It’s practically science. But if you find yourself bouncing off the walls with excitement every time you hear jingling car keys, you probably love driving just a little too much.

5. You don’t have many friends. Because you’re always driving


Who needs friends when you have a sweet ride, though?

6. The Fast and Furious films are your absolute favourite


Never mind the terrible acting or the dodgy scripts, Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor are practically your spirit animals.

7. Your footwear is limited to racing shoes and driving moccasins


Forget about the latest seasonal trends, you like to be ready to jump in your car and put the pedal to the metal at a moment’s notice.

8. Being a passenger makes you go slightly mental


If this resembles you as a passenger, you need to take a long hard look at yourself.


9. You always end up doing most of the driving on long trips


And for this, your few friends really appreciate you.

10. And you always volunteer to be the designated driver on a night out


We mean, who needs beer when you could be driving instead? AREWERIGHT?

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