1,000bhp Jeep Can’t Contain Its Own Fury

1,000bhp Jeep Can’t Contain Its Own Fury

Why bother with a £1million+ hypercar when you can get just as much performance out of something much, much cooler.

This may look like your average WWII-era Willys Jeep, but – in the typical Yankee style of overdoing things – it’s got a huge V8 engine that’s been supercharged and NOS’d up to 1,000bhp. Bugatti who?

Trouble is, as good as the Jeep was at bouncing over the battlefield, it was never really designed for insane power, as this particularly brave drag racer found out when he got too eager on the start line.

Check out what happens in the video below. Hats-off to the driver for keeping his potent steed the right way up.

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