This 1000bhp AMC Javelin is a villain’s dream ride

This 1000bhp AMC Javelin is a villain’s dream ride

Ever wanted a car that will scare children and the elderly? This AMC Javelin may be for you.

Introducing the Defiant! (No, we’re not exclaiming that, it’s actually got a exclamation mark in the name), which looks like it was styled in the deep depths of hell.

It’s powered by the 6.2-litre, supercharged V8 engine straight from the Dodge Hellcat range — which produces an impressive 707bhp stock, only this one has been cranked up a notch to pump out 1,036bhp thanks to a new supercharger, fuel management system

On top of that, it’s got added scoops and bulges that look like they could swallow a cat whole.

The Defiant! was made especially for the SEMA modified car show in Las Vegas by modified muscle car specialists Ringbrothers, so we’re unlikely to see a production model — but we know it’d be our villain car of choice.

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