These 11 Trucker GIFs Will Make You Understand Why They’re So Slow

These 11 Trucker GIFs Will Make You Understand Why They’re So Slow

A trucker’s life isn’t all bacon butties and builder’s mugs of tea served up from derelict Portakabins at the side of the A34.

Oh no.

In between overtaking each other at 57mph for three miles and scaring other vehicles into submission on roundabouts, they also have to contend with their haul’s constant desire to overtake their cabins.

And many, many, many other things. Like crashes. If you’re wondering why they’re so slow let us enlighten you in 11 easy steps…

1. Truckers always have to remember that in the event of the accident where the emergency exits are

truck crash passenger thrown out GIF

2. Sometimes those aforementioned emergency exits will be in the most obvious of places

Truck crash GIF amazing exit via windscreen

3. Truckers know the key to NOT crashing is concentration… they just don’t always remember it

Truck crash GIF snaking on road

4. They’re taught in Truck Driving Lesson 101 that taking corners too quickly is a bad idea. They sometimes forget it.

Truck drifts and crashes GIF

5. Truckers know life on the road will often make them want to have a little lie down


6. And other times they just have to close their eyes and hope for the best

Incredible near truck crash miss GIF

7. They know if they’re going to crash they might as well take out three cars

Truck crash hits three cars GIF

8. And that sometimes people just want to come along for the ride

Hitchhiker hangs on to back of lorry GIF

9. They know how to impress pedestrians with some two-wheeled stunt driving


10. And they know when it’s all going wrong how to dodge


11. But best of all they know in a brake test battle, they’re always going to win…

brake test truck crash GIF

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