13 Of The Funniest Top Gear Audition Tapes We’ve Found So Far

13 Of The Funniest Top Gear Audition Tapes We’ve Found So Far

Oh dear Chris Evans, you’ve got a lot to answer for. And we’re not talking about Zig and Zag.

As if the YouTube wasn’t filled with enough rubbish you’ve gone and let the world apply to be your Top Gear co host. And things just got crazy.

Cue some “hilarious” (for the wrong reasons) videos winging their way onto the inter web. We’ve already spent far too much of our lives watching some of them online – and my word, there are some beauties – but to save you some time we’ve gathered a few together here. Enjoy…

#1 The Guy With The Crazy Eyes One

#2 The Guy Who Is Definitely Not Reading This Off A Card One

#3 The Thumbs Up Friend One


#4 The High Visibility One

#5 The Filmed On A Selfie Stick One

#6 The Sideshow Bob One


#7 The Cup Of Tea One

#8 The Guy Who Got Dressed In The Dark One

#9 The WTF Was That All About One

#10 The Drinking A Cup Of Urine One


#11 The We Literally Have No Comment One

#12 The When Will It Bloody Stop One


#13 The I Have Had Way Too Much Coffee One

Chris, we have one message for you…


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