19 Terrible Car Tattoo Owners Who Must Be Regretting It Right About Now

19 Terrible Car Tattoo Owners Who Must Be Regretting It Right About Now

They might have *sounded* like a good idea after 13 cans of Extra Special Strength Generic Larger, but we’re pretty sure the owners of these terrible car tattoos are probably thinking differently now.

1. I know what my head needs, a Bentley logo on it, said no one ever


2. Maybe the Audi logos will distract people from my weird fingernails… What do you mean they don’t?


3. What kind of car do you want tattooed? I dunno, a big blue one? You got it!


4. I want it to look like it’s been in a crash. And doing a wheelie. Yeah, green’s fine


5. Look! It’s a little Smart car. Try to ignore my erect big toe. It does that

images copy

6. Yeah, of course I own a Porsche…


7. I want a wobbly unidentifiable American thing. Yes, that’s perfect.


8. Big blue truck? Check. Man with a mental smile? You got it

custom kenworth_full

9. *Insert joke about bright spark here*


10. Make it wobbly. And I want it bursting out of my skin. No, I don’t know why either


11. A human actually has this on their person. A real life human.




12. Can you make it look, you know, engine-y? And REALLY BIG? Thanks


13. You sure people won’t think it’s weird I’ve got STI on my back? Ok, go on then


14. I want a Ford logo. With fire…


15. Actually, scrap that, wrap it in names


16. No wait, actually stick a woman on it. Make that a naked woman

Tattoo Endorsements11

17. What’s the worst car you can think of? Yeah just do that. And flags. It needs more flags


18. I want that one from Cars. You know the star of it. The main character. What do you mean you haven’t seen it?


19. Nah, I’m just going to go with brand names. They’ll pay me for advertising them right?



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