2021 due to bring second summer of UK-based holidays

2021 due to bring second summer of UK-based holidays

More than four-in-10 drivers have already committed to taking their holiday in the UK this summer, according to new research.

That figure could also climb even higher if coronavirus restrictions prevent others from holidaying abroad, according to the RAC, which surveyed 2,100 drivers to find out what their holiday plans were.

While 13 per cent said they hoped to head abroad this summer, close to half thought that they would try to take a holiday within the UK if coronavirus restrictions made overseas holidays impossible.

A quarter said that they would look to delay their trip to another date when restrictions are eased, while 16 per cent admitted that they would drop the idea of a holiday abroad entirely this year. One-in-10 were uncertain.

Official data shows that 19 of the 20 most-popular overseas destinations for Brits during the summer are currently on either the red or amber travel list and as a result, the RAC believes that it could prove to be an extremely busy summer on the UK’s roads.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said: “With months of being locked down now behind us there’s a clear and very understandable desire from most people to have a summer holiday of some sort. That said, a significant proportion don’t intend to get away at all, perhaps worried about a possible third Covid wave or, more optimistically, hoping for a better opportunity of going abroad later on this year.”

Of those people who are planning to get away, a quarter decided to book a holiday last year while another quarter held out until this year. However, the remaining half say that they plan to sort out their summer break at shorter notice. That said, more than four-in-10 don’t expect to take a summer holiday at all this year

Some 33 per cent of respondents plan to get away before the schools break up, while 32 per cent will holiday during the school holidays. The remaining holidaymakers will wait until the schools return in September.

Williams added: “For those heading off in the UK this summer it’s very apparent that the car is going to be the transport mode of choice. What’s more, if those who have foreign trips planned can’t take them there is every chance the roads will be far busier than they would be in a normal summer, especially if we’re blessed with good weather as this will cause the number of day trips and weekend breaks to rocket.”

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