5 Cool Tech Features That Are On The New Range Rover Velar

5 Cool Tech Features That Are On The New Range Rover Velar

The covers have now been pulled from the highly anticipated Range Rover Velar – and boy, it’s a looker!

The British Porsche Macan rival has a number of cool tech features that make it more than just a fashion accessory, so we’ve highlighted some of our favourite things below!

1. Headlights that are laser beams!


The super-slim headlights aren’t just a design feature, they’re also clever and functional. They use matrix laser LED tech to provide excellent visibility at night.

And because the LEDs can be controlled individually, drivers can keep full beam on when vehicles are coming towards them and the Velar will automatically turn off the required lights to stop the other driver being dazzled. Smart!

2. Flush door handles for extra slip


No, not slippery to the touch, silly! The handles protrude from the door when needed, then retract to sit flush when not. This means that the surface is more aerodynamic, and contributes to the fact that this is the slipperiest Range Rover ever made.

3. Dual screens mean no more switches

22.12.16 V1

Pretty much every button and switch has been removed from the dashboard, replaced by this dual screen set-up. Navigation and music are a couple of the features on the top screen, while the lower screen has things you might change more often, such as climate controls or off-road drive modes.

4. ‘Floating magic circles’

22.12.16 V1

Those dials are clever little things. Their function changes depending on what screen is open, so you can change the cabin temperature, the seat heating level or even the drive mode, all through one dial.

5. There’s a sustainable alternative to leather

13.12.2016 V1

Land Rover teamed up with Danish luxury textiles company Kvadrat to create a sustainable material to offer alongside leather.

It has suedecloth inserts made from recycled plastic bottles because the company says it has noticed a shift in what buyers want from luxury products. Sustainability is more important than ever, and it wanted to show its commitment to this ethos with this new material.

All in all, Land Rover has come up with one super-cool vehicle in the Velar.


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