5 cool things we learnt driving the new Audi RS3

5 cool things we learnt driving the new Audi RS3

Deliveries of the new Audi RS3 start next month but here at SU Towers we’ve been granted an early look at the latest hot hatch from Ingolstadt.

So, what did we find out?

It does loud noises VERY well

Powered by the only five-cylinder engine in the segment (the BMW M2 using a straight-six and the Mercedes-AMG A45 choosing a turbocharged four), the RS3 makes one heck of a racket.

That engine has had a lot of work done to it

Not to get too techy but the 2.5-litre engine under the bonnet has undergone quite the makeover. It’s 26kg lighter than the previous unit – that’s 26 bags of sugar removed from the engine alone.

How? Well, the crankcase is now made of lightweight alloy rather than iron, while the crankshaft itself has been bored out to make it a full kilogram lighter.

The suspension you choose makes a big difference

The new RS3 is available with either standard steel springs or Audi’s adaptive dampers.

Now, we like a firm hot hatch, but the little Audi’s standard suspension makes it just a little too firm for our tastes. Opt for the adaptive units instead and you’ll thank us. We promise.

There’s no manual, but that ain’t a bad thing

‘No manual?!’ we hear you cry. Yes, there’s something delightful about being able to switch cogs yourself, but in truth the RS3’s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox suits the character of the car perfectly, giving seamless shifts each and every time via the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

It transforms the Audi into a miniature DTM racer – and we’re certainly not complaining about that.

It’s now available as a saloon

We’re aware that when you think of an RS3 you think of it as a hatch. However, it’s now available as a compact five-door saloon and, especially in Audi’s latest battleship-grey shade, it looks pretty awesome.

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