5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Triumph Tiger For The Winter

5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Triumph Tiger For The Winter

Triumph’s Tiger Explorer is a pretty awesome piece of kit…

And none more so than the range-topping XRT – a £15,000, 1215cc adventure machine.

Although some people’s feet may not reach the ground when they’re sitting on it, thanks to a 857mm seat height, and although the 253kg dry weight makes it a beast to manoeuvre, there’s no denying that the Tiger is the ultimate winter ride.

Why’s that?


1. It has heated handgrips…

Yes, this may be pretty standard on many motorcycles nowadays, but who doesn’t like toasty mitts?

_DSC0109-Edit copy

2. Its electronically adjustable screen prevents pretty much any wind buffering

The screen can be moved up and down at the touch of a button.

3. A clever computer system stabilises the bike

_DSC0013-Edit-Motion-Blur-No-Signs copy

The Inertial Measurement Unit uses strategically placed sensors to monitor and respond to the bike’s movement status. It calculates the bike’s lean angle and adjusts the ABS and traction control accordingly, therefore improving stability. Meanwhile, Triumph’s Semi-Active Suspension means the tyres can find grip in any condition – aka it basically rides for you…

4. Five rider modes allow you to make the most of all 137bhp in any condition

Whether you’re planning on riding on or off road, in the rain, in a sporty manner or want to customise it to your own style, the Tiger has you covered.

5. It has heated seats, front and rear


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