5 reasons why the Land Rover Discovery SVX is our new favourite 4×4

5 reasons why the Land Rover Discovery SVX is our new favourite 4×4

What happens when you take one regular Discovery and ship it off to Special Vehicle Operations – Jaguar Land Rover’s rather mad in-house skunkworks?

Well, this. The new Discovery SVX, which is basically a regular Discovery but with everything turned up to 11. Here are five reasons why it’s our new favourite 4×4.

1. It’s got a 5.0-litre supercharged V8

All of the most bonkers Jaguar and Land Rover models make use of this raucous engine. In the Discovery SVX it produces a whopping 518bhp and 625Nm of torque, and will no doubt be very shouty indeed. This is a good thing.

2. There’s a built-in winch

This is mounted at the back of the Disco SVX, and is designed to help out with those tricky descents down steep surfaces. If that isn’t hardcore, we don’t know what is.

3. It has orange accents

Everyone knows that orange accents on a matt grey exterior instantly make a vehicle even more capable off road. It’s a fact. They also look awesome.

4. That roof-mounted light bar

This works in much the same way as those orange accents – it just adds cool points. It also means you’ll be able to see better when the sun goes down, which is a good thing if you’re off road.

5. Rugged exterior, plush interior

Behind the Discovery SVX’s purposeful exterior lies a comfortable and well-appointed cabin. Just because you might find yourself halfway up a river, why would you want to shirk on things like leather seats and smartphone connectivity?

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