The 5 Worst Examples Of Driving In Movies

The 5 Worst Examples Of Driving In Movies

While we understand that films are fictional, the writers and characters sometimes take something of a liberty when it comes to driving.

From the implausible to the impractical and the just plain dangerous, we’ve found the five most heinous examples of poor wheelcraft on the silver screen.


Ron Burgundy burrito

In this classic scene from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the eponymous newsreader doesn’t check his blindspot before discarding his unwanted food out of the open window – instead of waiting to find a bin like a civilised person would do – resulting in quite the little spill. Burgundy pays the price for his inattention, though, soon finding himself in a glass cage of emotion…


Ace Ventura Chitty

Ace Ventura is a bit of a serial offender when it comes to somewhat dodgy driving, and his novel approach to parking is the subject here. Like a glove, as Ventura himself would say…


Die Hard With A Vengeance

Ace has got nothing on John McClane, though, who habitually drives like he’s the only guy on the road. In this clip from the third Die Hard film he’s right, but that’s because he’s going through Central Park, where cars aren’t allowed. At least he’s not running a car into a helicopter this time…



No list of terrible driving should be without Fast & Furious footage – in fact, we could probably fill a few articles with just the F&F films. We’ve gone back to the second one, where Paul Walker’s character Brian is concentrating more on his female passenger than on the road ahead. Eyes forward, Brian…

Road rage

Days of Thunder

Perhaps the only film with more gear changes than a Fast & Furious film is ’80s’ NASCAR flick Days of Thunder. Art imitates life here, with bad driving being pretty much the entire point of the sport, but even so, Tom Cruise and Cary Elwes’s characters take it to ridiculous levels.

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