70-year-old Morris Minor in mint condition goes under the hammer

70-year-old Morris Minor in mint condition goes under the hammer

An immaculate Morris Minor is set to go up for auction in the UK after spending a good chunk of its life in Africa.

Bearing the registration plate YSY 530, this Minor was bought by the current owner in Rhodesia in 1954, which was located geographically in modern day Zimbabwe in Southern Africa.

It spent much of its time travelling locally in the Rhodesian city of Salisbury, and was sold to a resident in 1960 when the current owner went to the UK to further his education.

Morris Minor
(Hampson Auctions)

However, when he went back to Rhodesia three years later, he spotted the car for sale in the local newspaper and bought it for around £200. It would spend the next seven years in Zambia, then six years in South Africa; the owner’s family drove the 2,500-mile round trip to and from their Salisbury home to Umtata, South Africa, in the car.

When the family returned to the UK, the Minor was put into a shipping container along with all their other belongings and would continue to be the family car. However, despite all this international travel, it has just 62,900 miles on the clock.

Images of the car show off the immaculate paint work, which is a light shade of grey, while the interior looks incredibly clean with its simple dashboard and thin steering wheel. The engine bay has not escaped some TLC either, looking as though it has had a lick of paint here and there with a thorough cleaning.

This mint Morris Minor is going under the hammer at Hampson Auctions at Thornton Manor, Wirral on April 28 with a guide price of up to £8,000.

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