Meet Colin Furze: The Maddest, Baddest Inventor On The Interwebs

Meet Colin Furze: The Maddest, Baddest Inventor On The Interwebs

The chances are, you’ve not heard of Colin Furze and that’s understandable.

It is, after all, the sort of name that one might associate with your local health and safety officer.

But Colin is no prawn sandwich-munching fun-sponge; he’s an utterly bonkers engineer, shed-dweller and inventor of things like the rocket-powered bicycle, the world’s fastest toilet and a mobility scooter that drifts like Ken Block’s Fiesta.

Take a look at some of his greatest moments below and be inspired to locate the key to the shed and get creating. After all, the world needs more record-breaking toilets.

1. He created the world’s fastest mobility scooter, which can tickle the 70mph mark. Here he is racing a plane on it…

1. plane race

2. Not content with his mobility scooter, he also knocked-up the world’s fastest pram

2. pram

3. Oh yeah, he can even take a dump at 55mph… And flush it!

3, toilet

 4. But it’s not just weird speed machines he’s in the record books for. He also created the world’s biggest bonfire and started it with a rocket, naturally.

4. bonfire

5. He’s a bit of a pyromaniac, as his turbo-powered BBQ proves

5. BBQ

Sausages not cooked? Colin be like…

kill it with fire

6. The madman has also improved the art of vacuuming the house with his Hoover shoes. Roll the very shouty video…

7. Nigella, eat your heart out. He’s also rendered the art of cake-scoffing a complete doddle

7. cake

8. Oh, and thanks to Colin, riding your bike to work will never be the same again

8. bike

The only downside of the rocket bike is that it can occasionally catch fire…

8. bike fire

9. He has even turned himself into a boat. Although we wouldn’t recommend strapping an outboard motor to your back

9. boat boy

10. Colin does takes safety issues seriously. Look, he even made a hydroformed safety suits to protect against firework attacks

10. fireworks suit

11. But sometimes he forgets all that nonsense and creates a rickshaw with machine guns and flame-throwers bolted to it

11. rickshaw

12. Never call him childish, because he definitely didn’t build 16ft fire-breathing bum in order to fart at France…

12. fire bum

13. Finally, he’s called Colin, which reminds us of this…

Colin Hunt, the office joker from the Fast Show.

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