Acura Shows Off Its Ballistic Pikes Peak Race Cars

Acura Shows Off Its Ballistic Pikes Peak Race Cars

Pikes Peak is up there with the most fearsome motorsport events in the world.

Even though most of the track, which carves its way up the Rocky Mountains in America, is paved these days, it still has the potential to be deadly. In many places there’s no barrier between the road and hundred-foot drops.

That doesn’t stop car manufacturers and racing teams combining their efforts to produce wild race cars to be driven on the limit, though – and these new efforts from Acura are amazing evidence of that.

Acura – which is the badge worn by Honda’s luxury cars in America – is taking a modified version of its NSX supercar up the famous hillclimb, and has used weight-saving and aerodynamic features from the GT3 race car (pictured below) to help it set a blisteringly fast time.

Acura NSX GT3 Racecar

It’s also running a heavily upgraded version of its TLX coupe, which gets a 500bhp V6 engine and some serious wings to keep it stuck to the road.

The run to the 14,115ft-high summit takes place on June 25. We can’t wait!

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