The Aftermarket Car Modifications We Want To See Burn In Hell

The Aftermarket Car Modifications We Want To See Burn In Hell

There are many ways in which cars can be personalised so that they end up looking better than they did before, are worth more money and are genuine improvements on the originals.

Then there are the amends and modifications that are, quite frankly, hideous and should disqualify their owners from any kind of automotive ownership. For ever. Here we run down a few of our least favourite…

1. Eyelashes. Just one question: Why?


2. Big-bore exhausts. The clue’s in the name. ‘Big bore’.


3. Bogus badging. It’s not big and it’s not clever.


4. Underbody lights (that are brighter than their owners).


5. Aftermarket spoilers on hatchbacks. They’re just silly.


6. Stripes. Stripes of any description. We hate stripes.


7. Stickers. Particularly if they mention fairy dust. (And we’re not so keen on Harry Potter ones either.)


8. Bonkers bodykits that leave cars unable to negotiate one-inch kerbs.


9. Alloys that are just that bit too big. Size isn’t everything, after all.


10. Aftermarket stereos. They’re very ugly and usually VERY dated. Driving in silence is a better option.


11. Flags on cars. Even if you are in a presidential motorcade.

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12. Fake bonnet scoops (and here’s why).


13. Roof racks loaded down with all manner of heavy metal…


14. Anything pink. We don’t like pink.

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15. And finally, teeth. Teeth! Never a good look.


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