Is The Alfa Romeo 8C Still A Great Car 10 Years On?

Is The Alfa Romeo 8C Still A Great Car 10 Years On?

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is still one of the most beautiful modern cars made to date, but unbelievably it is 10 years old now.


So, a decade on, does this stunning machine still cut the mustard?

giphy mustard

Styled by Wolfgang Egger back in 2007 – who was also responsible for the mid-Noughties Seat Ibiza and several other Alfas – the 8C Competizione was always going to be a limited production supercar.

Just 500 were made, with only 40 reaching the UK – all being left-hand drive and costing a whopping £120,000 a pop.

The 8C is made of carbon fibre and has a fully fledged 4.7-litre Maserati V8 under the bonnet that produces 450bhp – which still sounds absolutely sensational.

Inside, it has seats from a Ferrari Enzo and, back then, looked as chic and sophisticated as if the Gucci styling house had designed it.



In 2017, though, this has changed. The outside still looks crisply modern, but inside it looks a tad dated – especially the steering wheel, which looks ridiculously large in comparison to the rest of the cabin.

It’s so big in fact that it looks like it was lifted from a boat. The flappy paddles are also hilariously oversized.

Speaking of which, that gearbox is very dated. Watch the video and you can actually count the second or more between each gearshift – it’s painfully slow and appears very jerky in comparison with today’s double-clutch systems.

But who cares when you have styling that will turn every head and a noise from the quad exhausts that could wake the dead?

In our opinion it is still fantastic. It is still automotive perfezione.

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