$250m Mega Mansion Comes With A Dream 12-Car Garage

$250m Mega Mansion Comes With A Dream 12-Car Garage

We’ve seen estate agents offer properties fully furnished before but this Californian mansion takes things to a whole new level.

Not only is it fully equipped with a bowling alley and home cinema, but it also comes with a fully stocked garage including 12 cars and 10 motorcycles.

According to business news TV channel CNBC, the $250m (£200m) house is the most expensive home on sale in the USA and boasts £24m-worth of cars, including a Spyker C8 and unique Pagani Huayra.

On display in a white ‘auto gallery’, the cars range from the 1930s to the present day, with the one-off Huayra and rare Spyker joined by a 1936 Mercedes 540K Special Roadster.

CNBC also says the staff of the house get to use a new Ferrari 488 as well as a yacht-themed Rolls-Royce Dawn.

In addition to the automotive eye candy, the 38,000 sq ft abode has a massage room and spa, two wine cellars and an infinity pool, as well as a huge wall of sweet dispensers.

You can drool over it all in the report below by CNBC and Today.

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