American Takes Pet Cat For A Drive… Tied To Bonnet Of Her Buick

American Takes Pet Cat For A Drive… Tied To Bonnet Of Her Buick

We’ve seen some pretty stupid motoring-related things in our time, but this takes the (cat) biscuit.

A horrified Polly Vandall saw a cat on the bonnet of a Buick being driven around New Philadelphia, Ohio, earlier this week by an elderly woman. In pictures she took and posted on her Facebook page, it seems as if the feline is on a lead tied to the windscreen:

There I was, sitting at a red light, in the middle of town. I look up and see..... Cat. On a leash. Tied to the hood of a car. Driving through town....

Not surprisingly, it’s sparked outrage and widespread condemnation. Police – who say they have never seen anything like this before – are trying to find the driver and the man who was with her. Apparently the couple had also been seen walking the cat on the lead at a petrol station earlier that day, but there is no picture of the licence plate.

According to a newspaper report, the couple told the manager they were en route from California to Cleveland, so the good news is that if they used a card to pay for purchases at the petrol station they could be traced that way.

Vandall has said she doesn’t want to pass judgment on the couple but the cat wasn’t happy about being on the bonnet.

Police Chief Michael Goodwin is reported as saying that they want to “have a conversation” with the couple.

We’re hoping that’s a euphemism for reading them the Riot Act, prosecuting them for animal cruelty, and banning them from ever having a pet again. At the VERY least.

Picture: Buick, Steak_59

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