What Would Apple’s Car Look Like If It Were Inspired By Its Products?

What Would Apple’s Car Look Like If It Were Inspired By Its Products?

The idea of Apple producing a car has been doing the rounds for some time now, and whether it’s called Project Titan or whatever, we kinda just want to know if it’ll happen at all.


So to pass the time, online mechanics service provider ClickMechanic has designed the Apple Car based on some of the company’s most iconic products.

Honestly, we would love any of these to be the final design, but let’s be honest, it’ll probably end up looking like a weird blancmange of random plastics, like the Google Car here.


Anyway, here are the five Apple Car concepts ClickMechanic has drawn up. Let us know in the comments section which is your favourite.

iCar Macintosh


Based on the original Mac, the 128k, this design looks like what people in 1984 thought cars would look like in the future. Anyhoo, with the stereotypical ’80s beige plastic colour palette and angular structure, this is the perfect homage to the genesis of the Apple brand.

iCar G3


Possibly Apple’s most iconic product, the G3 was a revolutionary computer thanks to its ‘flavours’ and superb design, which brought the curtain down on the computing world in the 20th century. With its see-through casing and beautiful curved design, this exquisite-looking thing would fit perfectly into the cityscape.

iCar Power


With its design influenced by the laptop from the early Noughties, this cubey-looking thing does have plenty going for it. ClickMechanic says it’s more of an industrious vehicle for heavy-pulling work, but with that awesome-looking rear wing we’d be inclined to disagree. Thanks to its bulky and sturdy look, however, we can assume it’s got plenty of oomph under the covers.

iCar Air


Now this one looks like the future, and with those funky wheel hubs on the rear it even looks like it could fly. The sleek coupe has plenty going for it, and with the wide rear end we think this could attack a corner and you’d come out the other side just as fast. And, well, as it’s based on the MacBook Air we think this’ll be lighter than a feather in the breeze. Awesome!

iCar 7


With the iPhone one of the defining pieces of technology of our time, this car design would surely go down well. Looking like a cross between an Apple Mouse and the iPhone 7, this car looks stunning but also like a pebble. We won’t be disappointed if cars ended up looking like this, however many – or rather, few – people can fit in it.

Images: ClickMechanic

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