Aston Martin is allowing Valkyrie customers to spec every detail of their cars

Aston Martin is allowing Valkyrie customers to spec every detail of their cars

We’re really looking forward to the arrival of the new Aston Martin Valkyrie. A 1,000bhp+ V12 hybrid hypercar that’s essentially an F1 racer for the road? What’s not to get excited about?

Our excitement, however, will be as nothing compared with that of the 150 people who have been selected to actually buy one of the beauties that are reckoned could cost up to £3m a pop.

Not only will they have a super-exclusive, high-performance addition to their presumably extensive car collections, buyers have been offered the chance by Aston Martin to personalise their Valkyries down to the last detail.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Aston Martin chief creative officer and vice-president Marek Reichman explained how customers will be able to choose not only their ideal paint, but also the materials used on the dashboard, seats, headliner and trim. They can also choose how reflective they would like the body panels and wheels to be.

‘Once you spec your car, you’ll get a 1-to-18 scale model in the colours that you’ve selected,’ he said.

‘You’ll get the model and you’ll go “I love it” or “Hmm, I’d like to switch this”. Then you’ll come back to us and we’ll repeat the process.’

According to Reichman, one customer has already been through 10 versions of a one-off colour.

To take the level of personalisation available even further, precise laser measurements will also ensure that a customer fits perfectly into their Valkyrie’s seats.

Can you see why we’re looking forward to its 2019 arrival yet?

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