Aston Martin is building a submarine, because why not?

Aston Martin is building a submarine, because why not?

In the market for a submarine but don’t want a peasant-spec submersible? Aston Martin may well have just the thing…

Introducing Project Neptune — a collaboration between the Gaydon-based firm and American sub experts Triton Submarines.

So, what does Neptune offer that no other deep-diving watercraft on the market can? Well, it’s styled by the luxury car manufacturer, and has a look that ‘explores a new iteration of Aston Martin’s progressive design language’.

Other than that, it doesn’t appear to differ mechanically from any of Triton’s similar offerings, as it’s based on the Florida company’s three-person Low Profile platform.

But who cares about that when you can be living life 1,000ft under the sea in an Aston Martin? We wouldn’t, that’s for sure!

No pricing, production dates or availability have been revealed as yet, but we’re sure that if you can afford one, Aston Martin will be happy to take a phone call.

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