Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato family gets Speedster and Shooting Brake

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato family gets Speedster and Shooting Brake

As many of you are surely aware, most Aston Martins are works of art and there shouldn’t be any opinion otherwise.

So what happens when you combine the ideas one of the world’s most recognisable car brands and one of Italy’s most renowned design houses?

Well, you get cars like this…

Yes, the Vanquish Zagato is gorgeous and one of the best-looking modern cars. But what if you decide that the Coupe or Volante models aren’t quite your thing. Well, Aston and Zagato have got you covered there too, and are now releasing two more body types with the same Vanquish S base.

Introducing the Speedster and – prepare yourselves – the Shooting Brake version.

Scream with joy if you want, but only 99 Shooting Brake versions and 28 Speedster models will be built, so unless you have the undisclosed amount of money to afford either of them, you’ll have to enjoy these models from afar.

But can we just dwell on the fact that Aston and Zagato have decided to do a Shooting Brake. That is quite superb and something that should be put in an art gallery somewhere.

AM and Zagato have combined on projects before, like the DB4 GT Zagato…

DB7 Zagato

And the V12 Zagato

Not to knock the rest of the ‘Zagato Family’ – all of them are gorgeous – but the Shooting Brake might be the best, and by quite a distance!

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