The Aston Martin Vulcan gets even more extreme

The Aston Martin Vulcan gets even more extreme

The ultra-exclusive, track-only Aston Martin Vulcan is about as extreme as cars can get in its base form.

But just in case you’re a lucky owner of one of the 26 cars produced that thinks it could do with a bit more, you’re in luck.

Aston have announced the Vulcan AMR Pro, a new upgrade package that takes everything to that little more extreme.

Louvered front panels

 Vulcan AMR Pro_11

The AMR Pro package adds louvered front panels above the Vulcans front wheel arches to reduce aero lift by pushing out air from under the car.

New dive planes

Vulcan AMR Pro_09 

Each side of the nose gets a dive plane to keep the front of the Vulcan stuck to the ground.

Diet engine cover

Vulcan AMR Pro_02 

Thanks to an optimised process for making the carbon fibre engine cover, it now weighs five kilograms less than before.

Humongous rear wing

 Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

Included in the AMR Pro package is a redesigned rear wing, now featuring a dual plane design and a 20mm Gurney flap. Slotted wing endplates feature too.

Downforce, downforce, downforce…

Vulcan AMR Pro_17

All of these changes contribute to the Vulcan now producing 4000Nm of downforce (for comparison, Aston’s Vantage GTE racer makes 3104Nm).

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