Australian Driver Causes Stupid Accident With Truck

Australian Driver Causes Stupid Accident With Truck

If there’s one type of vehicle you don’t want to mess with on the road, it has to be a lorry.

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Unfortunately, one bull-headed driver in Australia doesn’t seem to agree, after being caught playing a game of chicken with a truck while trying to merge on to a main road.

Dashcam footage from the lorry, which was uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, shows the 4×4 pull into the road as the truck continues to travel straight on.

The SUV draws level with the big truck and actually attempts to merge, even though there’s clearly no room left.

As you would expect, the 4×4 comes off second best, and is hit and spun by the truck.

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The incident, which reportedly took place a week or so ago despite the fact the footage is dated January 2016, doesn’t appear to be too drastic and the truck can be seen pulling over. It is unclear whether anyone was injured.

If anything, let this footage be a lesson as to why you should always check your blind spots when merging!

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