Australians Show How To Build A Road In Double-Quick Time

Australians Show How To Build A Road In Double-Quick Time

If you live in the United Kingdom, it’s almost a nailed-on certainty that you’ll have been held up in roadworks that go on for months while three workmen fill in a pothole the size of a crumpet.

However, a road crew in the Western Australian town of Moora, 110 miles north of Perth, has put British roadworks to shame and shown everyone how it’s done, with this double-quick resurfacing job.

Australia Road Resurfacing

Although Moora only has a population of 1,822, this upgrade to the town’s Airstrip Road was completed in just two days via a government roads funding programme at a cost of a little over a quarter of a million pounds.

A local government video, shot with a drone, shows the speed and precision with which the three-mile stretch of highway was completed:

Have you ever seen how a road is bituminised? Finishing touches were recently accomplished on the $443,000 upgrade to Airstrip Road. Funded through Roads to Recovery Funding Program. A great job by our road works crew and Trevor Longman with the Shires drone for the footage.A total of 4.9kms were completed over a two day period.

Posted by Shire of Moora on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

If you’ve recently spent four years adding a lane to the M1 in Nottinghamshire, hang your head in shame.

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