Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt Proves Flawless In Public Test

Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt Proves Flawless In Public Test

The driverless car is slowly but surely making its way through development.

And whether that be by Google, Tesla or whoever, it’s safe to say they will be with us on the roads in the near-future.

But just how good are they on the public roads?

Well, in this video from Cruise Automation – a General Motors-owned company dedicated to refining the necessary technology to get autonomous cars prepared for public roads – one of its Chevrolet Bolts (called, somewhat bizarrely, Albatross) goes on a drive around San Francisco.

The metropolitan sprawl of San Fran can scare a driver sometimes, but this plucky self-driving hatchback navigated the streets of the US city with consummate ease.

Stopping at every junction, slowing down and checking traffic around obstacles like any responsible driver would, it is really impressive to see.

The 25-minute test has been speeded up, but you can see how well this car drives without human interaction.


There’s a person behind the wheel in the bottom corner just in case something goes wrong, but you’ll notice that they do nothing of note, which is great progress for the autonomous car.

Well played, Cruise – impressive work!


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