BAC Closes Down Island For Roar-some Racing Fun

BAC Closes Down Island For Roar-some Racing Fun

Track days are great fun for tackling corners at high speed in a safe environment and in top-quality cars.

Closing down a whole city for such a thing would be cool, right? Tearing around the streets of London would be great, for example.

But what if you could take over an entire island for a few days to tackle its roads and famous race course? Now that is a great idea!

And that’s exactly what happened for four days starting last Thursday when the British sports car manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company, aka BAC, appropriated the Isle of Man so that customers and company friends could take the lightweight Mono for a few laps around the famous Isle of Man TT course and more.

Staying in the island’s finest hotels, using the island’s only official racing track – the Jurby Circuit – then tackling the 37-mile round-the-island track on the final day, 20 lucky souls took the single-seaters and bombed around the mountain roads at full chat.


That was one heck of a package and a great way to repay the customers! Great stuff! IMG_9951

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