The BAC Mono Marine, The Car Only Super Rich People Need

The BAC Mono Marine, The Car Only Super Rich People Need

If you’ve been crying out for a supercar to go with your luxury yacht, you’re in luck.

Famed British track toy maker BAC has developed a ‘Marine Edition’ of its Mono single-seater, specifically intended for life on the high seas.

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Unlike many other special edition models, the Mono Marine Edition isn’t just a lick of paint and a badge – and the 2.5 litre Mountune powerplant remains at 305hp.

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Instead the new Mono features a carbon fibre crane arm designed for lifting the car on and off a superyacht, along with custom chassis mounts to secure the car to crane cradles and helipads.

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All of the car’s exposed components are coated with an anti-corrosion paint that BAC itself has developed and the car will be delivered with an environmental control container to allow it to be stowed away from the harsh marine environment.

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There’s a slight downside. The Marine Edition costs four times as much as a regular Mono – £500,000. And, if you have any passengers on your yacht, they’ll have to walk…

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…it’s called a Mono for a reason.

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