Bahrain Is Home To One Of The World’s Best Car Collections

Bahrain Is Home To One Of The World’s Best Car Collections

We all have a dream list of cars we would own if we had a bottomless pit of money.


McLaren F1s, Ferrari Enzos and F40s, plus some of the more modern supercar classics would no doubt be on those lists.

But what if you were one of those lucky few who could afford ALL of those dream cars?


Well, you’d collect as many as you could, obviously – and this is what Khalid Mohammed Abdulrahim of Bahrain has done.

The business tycoon has a vast collection of some of motoring’s finest offerings, including the McLaren F1 and P1, Ferrari Enzo and LaFerrari, as well as Porsche 911 GT1 and 918 Spyder.


All of those cars make us at SU Towers drool, and YouTube channel TheSUPERCARDRIVER was invited to have a poke around the vast collection.


The 20-minute video shows off some of the highlights, including a Mercedes CLK GTR and a Maserati MC12, which are both incredibly rare.

Check out the video and enjoy the pricey beauty of this car collection.

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