BBR announces new tuning package for Mazda MX-5

BBR announces new tuning package for Mazda MX-5

UK-based tuner BBR has announced a new performance package for the Mazda MX-5 which helps to ramp up the roadster’s performance.

Called the Super 225 package it helps to boost the power pushed out by the car’s 2.0-litre engine to 224bhp – a significant rise on the 181bhp power output of the standard MX-5.

BBR MX-5 rear dynamic
The BBR packages boost power far above the regular MX-5’s

Torque also goes up to 236Nm, rising by 49Nm over the standard car.

Prices start at £3,495 for the components on their own, rising to £4,295 for them to be fully installed at the firm’s headquarters in Brackley.

To get these performance gains, BBR has included independent throttle bodies and a new intake manifold, while staggered tuned length open trumpets help to deliver more mid-range torque. An improved foam air filter can be added for an additional £65, too.

BBR engine shot
The BBR package includes independent throttle bodies

A new pair of exhaust camshafts and a less restrictive exhaust manifold have been fitted too, while a new map for the car’s ECU has been included to help manage all of the separate upgrades properly.

Buyers can choose to buy the intake manifold on its own for £1,795, and those who purchased the firm’s older Super 200 package can upgrade to this latest one for £2,495. BBR also states that the enhancements can be made with zero exterior modifications, which means that they’re fully reversible.

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