Beckham Turns Up The Britishness For Bond-Esque Jag Ad

Beckham Turns Up The Britishness For Bond-Esque Jag Ad

Every carmaker in the world is trying currently trying to outdo its rivals by making headway in China – the world’s largest and fastest growing new car market in the world. On the face of it, Jaguar has pulled off a masterstroke in promoting its wares in the People’s Republic.

You see, the Chinese have something of an affection for ‘Britishness’ – meaning the monarchy, dapper gents, pomp and circumstance and all the other twee rubbish that falls under that umbrella. Jaguar, being based in Solihull, is well placed to exploit this love of Britain, being the brand of choice for Austin Powers, The Sweeney and John Prescott – though we’ll gloss over that last one.

Marry these English overtones to a global megastar like David Beckham and you’ve got a potent cocktail to make anyone buy your cars. Make Beckham act all James Bond and they’ll literally be chomping at the bit – or at least Jag will be hoping with its latest ad, aimed specifically at Chinese car buyers.

Watch it for yourself below. It’s got loads of beautiful classic Jags in it, in case a squeaky-voiced football player doesn’t do it for you.

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