This Bent Ferrari Enzo Will Make Your Eyes Hurt

This Bent Ferrari Enzo Will Make Your Eyes Hurt

Of all the cars this guy could have crashed, it had to be an Enzo didn’t it?

Thanks to World Car Fans, we’ve seen the aftermath of this horrifying story.



As one of Ferrari’s former range-topping machines, and not to mention the Holy Grail of Italian supercars, we’re sure this Enzo never expected to get this close to a lamppost.

The heart-wrenching incident occurred in Seongbuk-dong, South Korea. And it gets worse – apparently this Ferrari is just one of only three in the country, let alone one of 400 ever built.

The tell tale photographs suggest this wasn’t a high-speed impact, so we don’t think the driver has much of an excuse to redeem his reputation with either.


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