The Best Cars For Under A Grand On eBay That You Should Buy Right Now

The Best Cars For Under A Grand On eBay That You Should Buy Right Now

If you’re looking for a new motor but want to stand out from the crowd – or just like difficult cars that will probably waste your money and summer while you fix them – you’ve come to the right place.

As sympathisers of vintage collectable cars, or just quirky rubbish from the ’90s, here at SuperUnleaded we’ve done the searching for you. We’ve been trawling through eBay with a budget of £1,000 to find the best deals to make you think twice about buying a rubbish Corsa or 206 with your hard earned money.

Get your cash at the ready and prepare to bid…

The Get-In-There-Quick Buy

1992 Volkswagen B3 Passat GL


This car may have been photographed in a muddy puddle, have a few bumps and a 50 pence piece sized hole in the door BUT, currently, for only £53 this piece of retro dub metal could be all yours. If you get in there quick as it ends later today.

The Allegedly Low Mileage Retro Runner

1977 Trabant 601S Kombi Universal


Very clean looking, says it starts every time. Although, it also says that you’ll need a trailer with a winch to collect it so who knows what secrets this little Trabi has.

The One With The Free Kid In The Boot

1991 Mk2 Scirocco


Sounds worse than it is. See the original advert to understand.

The Tidy And Original One

Peugeot 205 1.6 Gti


Top end of our budget at £995 and not MOT’d or taxed but certainly a nice little project for the summer.

The One Where You’d Need To Get Over The Name

1972 Austin Maxi


For a retro freak this is the dream. An old school British motor in baby puke green. Get in my eBay basket.

The Ex-Beach Buggy, Metal Death Trap Thing…

Modified Sandrail


Currently less that £1,000 but with a Buy It Now price of £6,500. But there’s no way we could leave this weird creation out.

The Please-Don’t-Buy-This-Because-We’re-Waiting-To-Get-Paid One

1990 Renault 5 Campus


We’re nice people here and, even though we’re desperate to buy this car and still weighing up financial options, we couldn’t miss this perfect time-warp Renault 5 off the list.

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