The Best Rally Car Crash Saves From Around The Globe

The Best Rally Car Crash Saves From Around The Globe

Some say you have to be insane to be a rally driver.

The near possibility of hitting into hedges and crashing into crowds offers an exhilarating and dangerous prospect, and not one for the faint-hearted.

We have picked out our favourite saves and near-misses from the Rally Car World from tracks around the world just to show you how much admiration we have for these guys…

#1: Run, snapper, run!

Norwegian driver Andreas Mikkelsen narrowly misses the trees and some concerned photographers with his Polo during the World Rally Championships in 2014.


#2: More Russ Swift than Suzuki…

Spanish driver Oscar Barroso manages to control his Suzuki Swift on two wheels after rounding a tight corner at the Rallye de Ourense.


#3: Ditched it (nearly)

Despite falling into a ditch, Rajd Rzeszowski saves his Mitsubishi Lancer to continue racing. Quick-fire reactions.


#4: “It was the biggest moment of my life.”

During the Isle of Man TT, Mark Higgins saves his Subaru from crashing. Check the reactions from his co-driver.


#5: Flippin’ ‘eck!

A test nearly turns into chaos as Dražen Ćurić manages to avoid crashing his Mitsubishi Pajero.


#6: The Dukes of 3 Series

Great save from Pritt Koik in his BMW E36 after an epic jump and slide.


#7: Aaand clip the apex… backwards…

Snowy conditions prove difficult as Christian Mitterlehner prevents his vehicle from spinning out of control.


And now for something different – the fact that no one was hurt after this crash is a minor miracle.

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