Biker Texts During Police Chase, Still Gets Caught

Biker Texts During Police Chase, Still Gets Caught

When being chased by the police, one thing you be advised to avoid is to commit yet another motoring offence.

This biker clearly didn’t get that memo. He was far too busy texting.


Having been hounded by the cops for “reckless driving”, the motorcyclist wasn’t even any good at escaping, despite riding a superbike.

Instead of getting his head down and bolting, the perpetrator takes both hands off the bars to fiddle with his mobile phone. A quick game of Angry Birds, perhaps? Or telling his mates to flick on the evening news…?

Predictably, the misguided fellow was quickly apprehended by the authorities, being crowded out by a gaggle of chasing police cars.

Enjoy it in full here.

YouTube / Morning News - via Iframely

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