Block Is Back For Gymkhana 9!

Block Is Back For Gymkhana 9!

We previewed this event (which is exactly what it is in motoring circles) from the chief Hoonigan last week, and we were not disappointed.

Ken Block is famous for many things: co-founder of DC Shoes, extreme sports and rallying.

But on the internet, he’s better known for his extreme stunt and precision driving videos that have taken the web by storm.

Amassing more than 330 million views (!) between them, the previous eight have included some wacky stuff.giphy

Block has driven around a specially cordoned-off Los Angeles in his Hoonicorn (an 845bhp four-wheel-drive Mustang!!!)…


Tried to avoid the most expensive police cars in Dubai…


And got sky-high in his souped-up Ford Fiesta around San Francisco…


The Hoonigan has now returned for the ninth edition of Gymkhana, and this one’s a belter.

It marks the first time Block’s World Rallycross Team Hoonigan Ford Focus RS RX is unleashed away from competition and it takes on the urban wastelands to show off his superb driving skills yet again.


Through old warehouses, almost ditching it in the water…


and jumping in front of a train, Block speeds off in style as his superb RS RX is pushed to the limit.


Just like the other eight, it’s a cracking watch, so give it a go below.

Hoon away, Mr Block!

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