BMW Comes Up With A Fix To Stop Cars Being Pinched – At Last

BMW Comes Up With A Fix To Stop Cars Being Pinched – At Last

We’re all well aware of the pride the Germans take in the quality of their engineering.

But millions of Rolls Royce, Mini and BMW drivers might have lost a little faith recently as their vehicles have been left vulnerable to computer hackers and thieves.

The problem affected the company’s ConnectedDrive system, which features a Sim card inside the vehicle and controls things like door locks (rather important if you want to hang on to your very expensive Roller) and air conditioning.

Boffins at BMW, alerted to the problem by a German motoring organisation, have now introduced encryption using ‘HTTPS’ – the same security system used for things like online banking.

But not surprisingly, questions have been asked. Security expert Graham Cluley wrote: ‘You would probably have hoped that BMW’s engineers would have thought about it in the first place.’

Never mind, we’re sure they managed to retain their sense of humour while they worked on the problem.


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