BMW Driver Overcooks Corner, Finishes Upside Down In Road

BMW Driver Overcooks Corner, Finishes Upside Down In Road

There’s always someone who drives with a little more exuberance than is necessary.

It might be your mate in the car, the one who is constantly listening to a Clubland ’97 disc and regards themselves as something of a driving god – leaving everyone else in the vehicle utterly terrified.


And so, our attention turns to the driver of this BMW. When you’ve got the beautiful Mulholland Drive in California ahead of you, what do you do? Well, you don’t massively overcook it like this guy.



Unable to correct the slide, the 3-Series smashes straight into a cliff face and rolls over. Luckily, he managed to escape unharmed, but the reason he got in a state in the first place was laughable.


He’ll probably think next time before giving it the beans mid-corner.

Check out the full footage below and see for yourself just how lucky this guy was.

YouTube / RNickeyMouse - via Iframely

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