BMW heralds end of i8 production with colourful one-off models

BMW heralds end of i8 production with colourful one-off models

The final eighteen BMW i8 hybrid sports cars have rolled off the firm’s production plant in Leipzig.

The cars are each finished in a one-off combination, using colours applied to them that have never previously been used on an i8. Each one was made with close collaboration with the customer.

Production of the i8 commenced back in 2014. Its hybrid setup was an innovation for the sports car segment at the time, combining a small turbocharged petrol engine with a large electric motor and batteries.

These final edition vehicles incorporated exterior parts painted ‘virtually by hand’ according to BMW, with high levels of care taken to ensure that the one-off parts were transported to the final assembly plant without any damage.

Hans-Peter KemserYet, Plant Director, said: “Again, we have proved our ability to meet the highly discerning standards and personal specifications of our customers with unique solutions and unparalleled skill.

“For BMW i8 production to end with a finale like this is something we can all be very proud of.” The final vehicles also have customised components in their interiors, such as Alcantara covers for seats and steering wheels, and special trim strips and fascia panels.”

There are, as yet, no plans for a successor for the i8 to be introduced. However, with BMW’s push towards electrification it’s highly likely that another hybrid – or electric – sports car is on the way.

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