BMW M Performance Parts added to 5 Series and M5

BMW M Performance Parts added to 5 Series and M5

BMW has announced a wide-ranging line-up of M Performance Parts for its updated 5 Series and M5 models.

The accessories have been designed to enhance the character of the models while helping buyers to customise their cars to their own preferences.

M Performance parts
Forged alloy wheels help to save weight

A series of carbon fibre parts kick off the accessories package, adding the lightweight materials to the front splitter, kidney grille and side sills. A rear spoiler crafted from carbon can also be fitted to saloon versions too.

Inside, an M Performance steering wheel incorporates a special lining for better grip, while a red 12 o’clock marker gives a nod to BMW’s motorsport involvement.

M Performance parts
The steering wheel features a motorsport-inspired 12 o’clock marker

The dynamics of the M5 can also be strengthened through the fitment of M Performance sports suspension. Available on M5 Competition models, the coilover suspension allows cars to be lowered by up to 20mm, helping with cornering and lowering body roll. Optional M Performance brakes provide extra stopping performance, while 20-inch forged alloy wheels in a matt finish are exclusive to the M5 models.

The accessories, which were developed with the help of BMW’s M department, will be available to order soon.

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