BMW Recalls One X3 Because Of Some Bad Welding

BMW Recalls One X3 Because Of Some Bad Welding

Normally when cars are recalled you’re looking at thousands – if not millions – of vehicles. In the recent Takata airbag recall, tens of millions of cars were recalled.

So when BMW issued a recall notice for its X3 SUV, owners the world over must have had that sinking feeling that an annoying trip to the dealer was in order.

Fortunately, the recall was so small we don’t even need to pluralise the word ‘owner’.


That’s right, one BMW X3 was recalled. One. A single, solitary SUV.

Here’s what the manufacturer had to say:

BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling one model year 2017 BMW X3 xDrive 28i vehicle manufactured on June 7, 2016. This vehicle has electronic power steering (EPS), and the contact pins on the EPS control unit may not have been welded properly resulting in increased resistance.

BMW is contacting the owner of the car to have the issue fixed because: ‘An increase in pin contact resistance can increase the risk of a fire, even while the vehicle is parked and ignition is off’.


No-one seems to know how BMW discovered that this one car that had already left the factory had an issue, or how it missed it on the production line.

Regardless, if it’s your car you should probably head on down to your local dealership pronto…

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