Alpina Creates 50th Anniversary Beemers, With Added Leather

Alpina Creates 50th Anniversary Beemers, With Added Leather

Lurid-colour leather is one of life’s mysteries.

Somehow BMW tuner Alpina has managed to create retina-burning green leather in its latest models – despite there being no known green cows in existence – which distracts only slightly from what are otherwise a pair of monstrously fast, but nicely subtle sports machines.

These autobahn-munching vehicles boast no less than 592bhp – enough to rocket up to speeds of more than 200mph – and will be made in tiny numbers. Just 50 B5 5 Series saloons will be crafted along with a further 50 B6 6 Series Coupes.


Based on standard BMWs but given extra power, impossible-to-clean million-spoke alloy wheels and lightweight sports exhausts, these twin-turbocharged cars are the most powerful and fastest machines ever to come from the tuning company. We like.

We’ll have one of each please.

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