From BMX To BMW, The Tetraplegic Drifter

From BMX To BMW, The Tetraplegic Drifter

We’re not often serious here at SuperUnleaded.

But some people deserve serious respect, and Liam Shetly is certainly one of them.

The 21-year-old is aiming to build his own, specially adapted drift car, following a BMX accident which left him paralysed from the neck down.


The accident, which took place on March 31 this year, saw the talented BMXer break the C5 vertebrae in his neck, leaving him unable to feel or move his body.

Ambulances rushed him to hospital, where doctors reconstructed the vertebrae using bone from his pelvis, but Liam was left with no feeling in his legs and extremely limited use of his arms.

Despite the severity of his injuries, he refused to let them get him down, and within weeks of waking from a medically induced coma, the extreme sports enthusiast was planning his next adventure.


Liam had been an avid car fan prior to his accident, owning a BMW M Sport E36 coupe, and after some investigation into other disabled drifters, and with the help of a mechanically qualified friend, he hatched the Jazz Hands Project.

Using a BMW E36 coupe as the base of the project, Liam plans to strip all unnecessary weight and fit a disabled friendly roll cage, seat and harness. A high-powered twin turbo engine will be found to power the car, which he will control using push/pull braking and accelerating.


Liam has so far received support from Canadian paraplegic driver Rob Parsons, who drifts under the name of Chairslayer. However, he still has a long way to go to in reaching his target of £30,000 and has started a gofundme page to aid his project.

To find out more about Liam and his dream, visit and check out

Liam, we salute you.

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