Bond Scares Living Daylights Out Of His Wallet

Bond Scares Living Daylights Out Of His Wallet

If you are passionate about premium British cars, we wouldn’t recommend you read on, for according to stunt coordinators, Spectre has seen more than £24m worth of vehicles destroyed.

A total of SEVEN custom-built Aston Martin DB10s have been totalled by the Bond franchise’s stunt team, all in the name of cinematography.

If you can still read this through your river of tears, then give yourself a pat on the back.


Spectre’s chief stunt coordinator, Gary Powell, claims that they ‘set the record for smashing up cars… in Rome we wrecked millions of pounds worth.’ Alright, don’t rub it in!

According to The Guardian, this £24m accounts for more than 10 per cent of the film’s total budget. Ouch.

The cars are the stars for us petrolheads, and with the ultra-rare DB10 – ejector seat equipped – doing battle with the stunning Jaguar C-X75, it promises to be a car chase for the ages.

All this destruction shouldn’t really come as a surprise for Bond fans, for the super-spy has always had a particular penchant for wrecking his motors…

DBS’s get some of the worst treatment with Dalton…


…and Craig’s overzealous efforts:


There’s a trend emerging here…


And we finish with possibly the most tragic:


We’re looking forward to seeing what chaos Spectre holds…

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