Bull Runs Riot Around New York After Escaping From Abattoir

Bull Runs Riot Around New York After Escaping From Abattoir

New York is just the centre of all the action, isn’t it?

Alien invasions, insane terrorists, Santa Claus – New York has hosted all of them in feature films. Yesterday it was the turn of reality, and a raging bull.

This bovine had a bit of a beef with the law as it escaped from the Aziz Slaughterhouse, an abbatoir on Beaver Road in the Queens district of the city, shortly after 10am.

Aziz Slaughter House, Queens

After several 911 calls, the New York Police Department scrambled to intercept the marauding meat, chasing it for almost two hours in what must be an unusually ‘rare’ use of their time.

The animal roamed the streets around the Jamaica railway station and yard in Queens, despite being shot several times with tranquilliser darts. On a couple of occasions the police managed to hem the beast in, only to find they’d made a ‘mis-steak’ and the bull escaped to roam again.

The dangerous but ‘a-moo-sing’ chase ended just after midday, as the animal tired and became a ‘sitting bull’ in a yard at 158th Street and 116th Avenue, about a mile north of New York’s JFK airport.

This ‘ox-tail’ didn’t have a happy ending though. An animal sanctuary in New Jersey agreed to take the bull in, but it was pronounced dead of unknown causes at a shelter in Brooklyn while awaiting collection.

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