Buy it like it’s 1993! A delivery-mileage McLaren F1 is up for sale

Buy it like it’s 1993! A delivery-mileage McLaren F1 is up for sale

You can now buy one of the greatest cars of the 20th century as though it were fresh out of the factory.

The McLaren F1 is an amazing machine in its own right – nobody could possibly dislike a 90s British hypercar with a 6.1-litre 627bhp BMW M Power V12, a top speed of 240mph and a steering wheel in the middle of the cabin.

But what makes this particular example so incredible is the fact that is has only covered the standard McLaren delivery mileage of 148 miles. That’s because the previous owner of this F1 kept it in storage from new, meaning it has remained untouched by the outside world.

The car, which is chassis number 60, is the lowest mileage F1 in existence and is still in its factory protective wrapping. The Dandelion Yellow hypercar has now been acquired by luxury car dealer Tom Hartley Jnr and, unsurprisingly, it’s a case of price on application.

Whichever lucky person pays the many millions of pounds for this once-in-a-lifetime purchase will receive the car, along with all of it’s leather-cased owners handbooks, its Facom tool chest, tool roll and gold-plated titanium tools, its luggage set and the original commemorative TAG Heuer watch with the chassis number engraved in its face. A number of optional extras are also included, such as a LM style spare exhaust, a removable suede steering wheel and a carbon driver’s seat.

If you’re in the extremely fortunate position to be able to consider buying this car, you should get in touch with Tom Hartley Jnr as soon as possible, because you’ll never get another chance like this.

Oh, and if you do purchase this immaculate F1, can we have a go? Please?

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