Campus Cops Are Left In A Spin By Catering Cart Prank

Campus Cops Are Left In A Spin By Catering Cart Prank

Take one prank involving a catering cart and featuring some hapless campus cops, video it, add the “Yakety Sax” pop-jazz instrumental from Benny Hill and speed it up, upload to the internet and what do you have?

Something that’s stupidly funny, that’s what!

We offer up thanks to all involved with this, starting with the unknown individual at Loyola University Chicago (we’re assuming it was a student for whom the banality of daytime TV inspired him to venture out of his room in search of something more edifying) who fully locked the wheel of the Aramark cart, put the vehicle in reverse and left police in a real spin courtesy of a strategically placed brick on the accelerator.

Filmed by one Joe Bailey Jnr and suitably audio-augmented and speeded up by a Ben Rimes, you can watch the incident unfold below. By itself, the driverless circling cart is quite amusing, but it’s the tactics of US campus Plod to try to bring a halt to the proceedings coupled with that iconic tune that really makes this a stand-out scene guaranteed to raise a laugh. (Well, unless you’re those officers.)

The full, unmodified version showing the cops’ persistence eventually paying off can be seen below:

Ah, sometimes it really is just the simple things in life that give one the most pleasure…

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