You Can Buy A 1:8 Scale Bugatti Chiron For The Price Of A Hatchback

You Can Buy A 1:8 Scale Bugatti Chiron For The Price Of A Hatchback

Although the Bugatti Chiron is proving rather popular at the moment, its rather high price might discourage you from waving your chequebook about.

Half of the entire production run is already accounted for – despite the car not being officially launched or driven by any customers – at around a quarter of a million pounds for a deposit.

Ouch gif

Still, if you’re hankering after what might be the fastest production car ever seen, there’s a way you can get hold of one for just £8,000. The only catch is it’s a 1:8 scale model.


Made by Amalgam Collection of Bristol, the model is a perfect re-creation of the Chiron, built by hand using the computer design models supplied to the company by Bugatti itself.

Coming in at a little over 55cm long, the car can be made to match any specification of the Chiron, so if you happen to be able to buy the Bugatti from its new showroom in Mayfair you can order a 1:8 model in the same exterior colour and interior trim – right down to the seat stitching. In fact, the model is so accurate that there’s one on display in that showroom…

Chiron scale model

Too expensive still? Well, Amalgam Collection also makes a 1:12 version, which is a snip at £1,245.

We know a bargain when we see one…

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