Can Two People Drift A Car Together?

Can Two People Drift A Car Together?

Okay, so our headline may not be a question of vital importance but hey, it’s a bit of fun so why not?

Autocar’s Matt Prior took the tail-happy Subaru BRZ to an empty test track to see if it could be done.

Prior could easily step the back-end out on his own, as could pro-driver Mauro Calo, who was his assistant on the challenge.


But what happened when Calo took control of the steering, clutch and brake while Prior took a broom handle and attached it to the loud pedal?


Well, surprisingly, it worked superbly!

The pair managed to get the BRZ drifting with consummate ease, and were even able to get the car drifting in a figure-of-eight, which is flippin’ impressive. See for yourself below.

Well played, sirs!

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